July 2, 2022

What to look out for when buying a second-hand motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is an expensive hobby. You must first buy a motorcycle, but then…

Riding a motorcycle is an expensive hobby. You must first buy a motorcycle, but then it is not all done. It is also important that you have a good and safe suit. It is very dangerous to drive fast on the motorcycle with your normal clothes. Because there is always a chance to fall, you should always wear a helmet while riding. The costs are also high, because you always have to refuel your motorcycle. Because all this together can become very expensive, many people choose to buy a second-hand motorcycle. There are many different motorcycle dealers. When buying a used motorcycle, it is important that you can trust the person. and that’s good to always keep in mind buying a motor.

Buying a used motorcycle from a private person or a motorcycle trader

After filtering and critically reviewing the ads, there will probably be a handful of used motorcycles left you can buy from the motorcycle trader. Chances are that there are both private owners and dealers among them. Buying a used motorcycle from a dealer has the big advantage that it offers more security and confidence than buying a motorcycle from a private person. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively higher than with a private seller. In addition, there are often costs for the bike to make it ready, in return there is often a warranty of usually three months. If you want to keep the risk as low as possible, buying a used motorcycle from a dealer is a better choice. Is this not your first motorcycle date and do you have some technical knowledge? Then you can save on costs just fine and buy your used motorcycle from an individual.

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Important questions to ask when buying a used motorcycle

After you’ve had your eye on one of the used motorcycles, it’s time to get in touch with the seller. To save time and effort, it is useful to fire some questions at the seller during this first contact. Don’t you like the answers? Then you can still host the seller before it’s too late. The following questions are a good basis for getting a better picture: Has the bike ever been dropped or crashed? Are all components working properly? Is there a maintenance history? Is there any maintenance to be done? Is the bike 100% original or does it have aftermarket parts on it? Read then on to find the good information.