Gwyneth Paltrow Admits To Wildest Therapy In Her Wellness Routine (& This One's A Doozy)

Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t submerged herself in freezing chilly water or climbed a rope over a forest like Chris Hemsworth has, however the “Glee” alum hasn’t shied away from making an attempt out wacky wellness tendencies to pursue a more healthy life-style. She’s admitted to utilizing a jade egg, ear seeds, and getting facial acupuncture to keep up wellness as she ages.

On the March 13 episode of “The Artwork of Being Properly” podcast, she spilled the beans on the weirdest wellness observe she’s ever finished. “I’ve used ozone remedy, rectally,” she mentioned. “It is fairly bizarre, nevertheless it’s been very useful.” The FDA issued a warning towards the observe resulting from lack of proof that it is efficient and protected and cautioned that the inhalation of ozone may cause lung harm if the remedy is run incorrectly.

We won’t say we’re stunned by Paltrow’s reward for the therapy, although. In any case, the “Shakespeare In Love” actor did as soon as divulge to The New York Occasions that she underwent a controversial type of acupuncture involving bees. (Sure, you learn that accurately.) “I have been stung by bees. It is a hundreds of years previous therapy referred to as apitherapy. Individuals use it to do away with irritation and scarring. It is truly fairly unimaginable in case you analysis it. However, man, it is painful,” Paltrow defined. We’re fairly certain the Spanish lady who died from mentioned therapy would most likely agree.