Celebs Who've Deserted Their Healthful Picture

MC Hammer was accused of taking the healthful picture that he began out with and hurling it into the ocean. It occurred in 1994 when he launched his album “The Funky Headhunter” as a result of he appeared to undertake a gangsta rapper picture. On the album’s cowl, the Oakland artist is sporting all black and a black cranium cap, a glance that may remind a few of N.W.A. — the controversial rap group from Compton, California. Hammer additionally dropped the “MC” from his title, which gave the impression to be one other signal he needed the rap crowd to take him extra significantly.

Years earlier than “The Funky Headhunter” album, Hammer turned a global celebrity along with his family-friendly model of rap music. He was well-known for his clothes as properly, often performing in tremendous saggy pants, now referred to as Hammer Pants. However together with that success, got here backlash, particularly from rap purists, who believed Hammer wasn’t making actual hip-hop music however commercialized pop as an alternative.

 The “U Cannot Contact This” creator spoke about his new look with journalist Davey D in 1997 and denied that he’d modified his picture. “Nicely, once we say picture, now we have to grasp that clothes doesn’t change an individual’s character, so I’ve by no means finished what they name gangsta rap that is not my factor,” Hammer defined. … “Nobody is carrying what they wore in ’88 or ’89. … however the music remained the identical.”